"I don't want to die inside these four walls, without seeing my family again. But that is what I fear is going to happen."

These are the words of Ingrid, a Salvadoran woman who is one, of thousands, of immigrants being held in US government detention centers. While these centers have always been places where human rights are routinely ignored, they have become even worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens of people have tested positive in the center where Ingrid is being held, yet ICE is doing little to protect any of them.


On this website, we will share information about the history of detention and the history of El Salvador: Ingrid's home, the Buffalo Federal Detention Center (Batavia) where Ingrid is being held, different abuses including: labor abuse, the denial of basic health care, language discrimination, as well as LGBTQ+ based discrimination. Moreover we offer means of resistance and the opportunity to help petition to Free Ingrid.


 Ingrid wants the world to know what conditions in Batavia are like, and she did four long recorded interviews with our class telling us about various experiences. You can hear her voice on many of these pages. Some of us who worked on this website and our professor are in constant contact with her through letters and phone calls. Ingrid also included various pieces of artwork with many of her letters, and you can see them here. The emblem below and the site's background were both drawn by Ingrid while held in detention.