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Dr. Jane Juffer is a professor at Cornell University and a member of Justice for Migrant Families, a group that helps refugees and immigrants in upstate New York defend their rights, support their families, and advocate for legal change. She is the first point of contact with Ingrid. 

This website was curated by the class members of The Time and Space of Immigrant Detention in the U.S., taught by Professor Juffer at Cornell University, in the fall of 2020.  This course is designed to bring together theory and practice, and one of our main objectives within this rubric is to follow feminist theory’s cautions about speaking for the other. As our classmate Sarah Hughner writes:

"We acknowledge our inherent privilege in sharing and commenting on Ingrid’s experience in detention. The majority of this information has been taken directly from Ingrid during our interviews with her, using answers that have been translated from Spanish to English. To our knowledge, these answers are accurate and a direct representation of Ingrid’s thoughts. We understand that we are in a position of power; we are not being held in detention and therefore have access to the resources that will help amplify Ingrid’s voice and experiences. We hope that our voices will serve as a link between Ingrid’s world and ours, without inserting our own perspectives into her narrative. Obviously, in distributing this to the communities in which we are a part of, our voices will remain somewhat present, and we do not deny this. Instead, we acknowledge our bias, and will strive to use it productively. Our efforts, viewpoints, and analysis represent one person situated at a specific moment in time. Following what we have learned from Chandra Mohanty, we do not seek to make generalizations, or to tokenize Ingrid’s experience. Intentions are important -- and our intentions are to garner support to help free Ingrid from the unjust realities of detention. There are no ulterior motives, except for Ingrid’s hopeful freedom. The broader research of this class has uncovered trends in detention, many of which contribute to severe human rights violations. Our hope is that Ingrid’s candid interview adds a humanistic layer to the startling statistics of labor conditions in detention."

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