Human rights and immigrant rights groups from around the world have documented the abusive treatment of people detained in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) system. These abuses include the following:

Labor Abuses

  • Exorbitant prices for phone calls and commissary items 

  • Coercion for participate in the “voluntary” $1 a day work program

Basic Health Abuses

  • Lack of educational resources and cognitive stimulation

  • Lack of medical attention for physical  and mental health

Language Discrimination against non-English speakers

  • Restricts freedom of information leading to detrimental legal ramifications

  • Causes demonization and alienation by prison guards

Discrimination against LGBTQ+ people

  • Increased risk of sexual harassment and abuse by both fellow detainees and guards

  • Lack of accountability for homophobia and transphobia 


All of these abuses have been exacerbated within the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, Ingrid has experienced many of these abuses.

In Ingrid's words...
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"Bueno pues, lastimosamente bueno aquí, si nos tratan, a todos nos tratan, como si fuéramos criminales no. Realmente a veces eso me deprime porque realmente digo yo, “Guao, nunca, nunca, he cometido un delito.” Y digo yo, “Y que me estén tratando como si fuera una, una criminal, peor que una criminal, no es justo.” Pero bueno, lamentablemente pues a ellos les gusta tratarnos así. Incluso, yo me admiro porque aquí hay personas que, que hay por otros delitos y los tratan como si fueran, a ellos sí, los tratan como personas. Entonces, a mí y a otra compañera que solamente somos inmigrantes, nos tratan como si hemos sido violadoras, como si hemos sido asesinas, como si hemos vendido niños, nos tratan de lo peor. O sea, yo digo, eso es injusto porque no más solo solo, lo único delito, y si lo acepto que hemos cometido solamente es haber cruzado el rio y venir a pedir auxilio porque eso es lo que nosotros estamos pidiendo. Que nos ayuden porque nuestro país, tenemos una persecución, una persecución. Yo no puedo llegar a mi país. Pero, realmente aquí nos están tratando terrible."

"Well, pitifully well here, yes they treat us, they treat us all, like if we were criminals. In reality, sometimes that depresses me because really I tell myself, “Wow, never, never, have I committed a crime.” And I say, “And that they are treating me as if I were a, a criminal, worse than a criminal, it is not fair.” But well, unfortunately they like to treat us like that. I am even shocked because here there are people who, there are for other crimes and they treat them as if they were, to them yes, they are treated like people. So, they treat me and another friend, we are only immigrants, they treat us as if we have been rapists, as if we have been murderers, as if we have sold children, they treat us the worst. I mean, I say, that is unfair because only, only, the only crime, and yes, I accept that we have committed is only to have crossed the river and come to ask for help because that is what we are asking. That they help us because our country, we have a persecution, a persecution. I cannot go to my country. But, here they really treat us terribly."