• Jane Juffer

An angry guard

October 20, 2020

Hola Juanita,

I'm sorry for calling you so early this morning, but I needed to tell you something. I have understood that an official cannot come at us with the attitude that an official did. She came into the room of Xiomara, very angry, and pointing at us with her finger. Xiomara said, "I don't understand English," and the official just kept talking in English. I think she said "yes you can speak English." Her face said everything. She was furious. She kept pointing at us, yelling. Then she went to get Abi so that she could translate. I was just reading when they returned. She pulled up a chair for Abi, who said that we were supposed to stop playing this game that we were playing. Xiomara said, explain what you mean, what game are you referring to? I was at this point just sitting on Xiomara's bed, reading. And the official kept saying stop playing this game, kept repeating that. I said you cannot come in here and talk to us like this, and then I imitated what she had done earlier. She then backed up a step, took off her mask and said "I was not angry." I said, yes you were. She then said something very quickly, and Abi didn't translate what she said. I really did not know what she was talking about.

Finally, Xiomara said, excuse me, but I am going to call my lawyer. And as I realized that the official was going to keep talking and Abi was not going to translate, I decided to ask permission to leave and went to call you.


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