• Jane Juffer

Ingrid's Letter: April 19, 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Hello! How are you, my dear friend and your beautiful family. Here, I am preoccupied with everything that is happening around the coronavirus. It is getting very ugly. They say nine men have been infected with the virus. The worst thing is that we don't have soap. The truth is there is nothing to clean with, no rags or anything. They have moved those who are infected to a unit in front of us. We are very worried. Thanks to God, I have the soap that I bought from commissary with the money you gave me. The officials treat us as if we are the ones who are infected, and I feel as if I can do nothing. I cannot talk to them and tell them don't treat us like animals because we're not the ones who are coming and going. They are actually the ones who are more likely to infect us than us to infect them. Plus, various officials go to the others units--C1, C2, C3, B2, etc. Sometimes, I feel like I can't stand to listen to any of the news any more, or the official notices. I start to pray to God that he take care of me, protect me from everything bad that is happening. I look out the window and see the lights of the gasoline station, the lights of some cars, trucks, and trailers. I think they are trailers because they are large. And I ask God to let me leave this place so that I can know your country, my friend.

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