• Jane Juffer

April 19, 2020

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hello, dear friend. I hope this letter finds you in good health, at the side of your beautiful family.

I am writing you because I trust you with my story, and so that you know what is happening inside here. They moved us to unit two, where we do not have any privacy. Before, in unit one, we had more privacy because each room had a door, a place to wash your hands, and a toilet. I drew you a picture of what it looked like so you can understand how the old room was better. Sorry I am not a better artist! I am also goingo to draw you a picture of what the new unit looks like so you can imagine what it is like in here.

What I don't like is that we have more than 35 women here and only six telephones, five tablets, two bathrooms below and two bathrooms above. Practically, there are only four bathrooms for all of us women, with all of your needs. We fight for each tablet, and I try to grab one, but some times I get one, then they take it from me. I have to defend myself, The officials also give priority to the women who speak English, and they discriminate against those of us who don't. Sometimes, I just can't stay quiet and I speak angrily to them, and I tell them, you can't discriminate against us just because we don't speak English. Sometimes, when I tell them this, they just laugh at me.

Well, I have told you a little bit of what happens here, inside. I hope I haven't bored you! Take care of yourself, and greetings to your family. I love you much, my friend!


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