• Jane Juffer

April 25, 2020

Hi Juanita! Hi there, how are you? I hope this letter finds you well, at the side of your beautiful family.

Today, I did not want to eat any food. At 3:15 p.m.,they took me to medical and asked me if I was going on a hunger strike. I told them, never have I said I was going on a hunger strike, but that due to everything that has happened, I am just not hungry. I don't have the strength to eat. I feel like if I eat, I am going to get sick. The woman told me that if I don't eat dinner today, they are going to send me to the SHU and take away my commissary and not let me buy anything more from commissary. I told them, that's OK, but I will not eat until I leave this place.. She said to me--oh you want to say that you are not going to eat so that they release you,and I said, no, that's not what I said. It's just that I cannot eat because I have endured so much bullying here, and it has taken away my appetite.

If they take away my commissary, they take away my commissary. If they are going to punish me and put me in SHU, that's OK. Let them do what they want to me psychologically, because they have already killed me. If they put me in SHU, I will just sicken and die more quickly. Whatever happens with my health and life, it will be the responsibility of the ICE officials.


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