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"Guards saying ugly things about detainees"

Updated: Oct 28

April 26, 2020

Hi Juanita,

I hope this letter finds you doing well, at the side of your beautiful family.

Today, they moved us to another unit. I was visiting the nurse, and when I arrived at the unit, around 3 p.m,, it was very tense. I was overhearing many ugly rumors from the detainees. I decided not to pay any attention to t hem. Instead, I made up my bed and put my things away. Then I asked whether there was any mail for me, as my family said they would send me photos, but they haven't arrived. I got my dinner, but I could not eat this food. It makes me not want to eat anything at all.

The truth is, Juanita, that I cannot take any more of this. I told the nurse that this place is killing me psychologically and emotionally. If I had know what would happen to me in this country, I would have preferred to be killed in El Salvador. Here, I feel like I am paying for a crime I did not commit, and here I do not feel safe. The truth is I am in danger here. I fear for my life. But I understand that no one can do anything for me, noto even my lawyer.

Never forget that I care for you very much, and thank you for all the unconditional help you give me.


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