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First 2 letters from Ingrid

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Note from Jane; This is the first mailed letter I received from Elisabeth. I started visiting her at the Batavia detention center in mid-October, and I had visited here one more time before she wrote this letter. At that point, she had been in detention for almost a year. She left El Salvador--fleeing violent threats from gang members--in December 2018 and was apprehended by Border Patrol almost immediately upon crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. After three days' in a processing center, Elisabeth was transferred to Batavia, where she has been ever since. One of the grave injustices of the immigration system is that very few people are allowed to be released on bond, so they can join family or friends while they await their hearings. So Elisabeth--who has no criminal history or any other reason to be considered a threat of any kind--is held without bond while people who are accused of serious crimes are given the opportunity to be released on bail.

November 29, 2019

Hola Juanita,

I hope you’re doing well, surrounded by your family and friends.

Thanks so much for the beautiful card that you sent me. Do you know that you are the only person who has been interested in sending me such beautiful little things? The truth is that I don’t have any way to pay you back for your generosity and for being concerned about me. Only God can duplicate what you are doing for me and I offer my sincerest friendship. When I leave this place, I hope that we can still be friends.

Forgive me that I haven’t responded before this. The truth is that I didn’t have any stamps, but my friend gave me two yesterday and I asked at the commissary to be able to send you letters. The book that you sent me wasn’t given to me because I hadn’t informed them ahead of time that I would be getting something, but now I did make the request saying that you had sent me the book. They told me that it was returned and to tell the person who sent it me to resend it so they can give it to me.

Take care and God bless. We will see each other December 1.

December 16

Hola! I hope this letter finds you doing well surrounded by your family. Well, with this short greeting, I will pass on to the following.

Thanks very much for all the help and for everything you’re doing for me. May God bless you 100 percent. You are part of my family and part of me. I hope that our friendship never ends and that when I leave this place and stay in your country, I know now that I will not be alone and when I need some advice, I know I can count on you. You have made me believe that in this world, there are good and noble people. Thank you, Juanita, I love you very much and I also want to tell you that if you ever need to confide in me, I will listen, whatever you need.

I hope that you like what I sent you. I made them with my favorite colors, without knowing if you also like them. I made them with my own hands.

I’m also sending you a copy of the papers that you asked for. I only ask that you make a copy of the asylum paper and return it to me.

Take care and I send you many hugs.

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