• Jane Juffer

Ingrid writes from the Troy jail

January 4, 2021

Hello, how are you, how is my beautiful friend? I hope this letter finds you well, at the side of your beautiful family!

Thanks for talking to me today. I was feeling very sad. I'm not sure what is happening to me, ultimately, I just feel sad and alone. Sometimes I go to bed and cry and listen to music in the tablet. Thanks to you, I can distract myself and listen to music, and then the sadness gradually goes away a little. Sometimes, I wish I could talk to sometime, to vent, but then I tell myself to be strong, because I don't want to make anyone else sad because of my sadness or what is happening to me.

It made me very happy to think about Alex turning 30. Woo hoo! Alex is turning 30 on the 4th of January, what a surprise. Alex, 30, Ingrid 31. But you know what I don't like to hear you say? That you are old! Do you know, age does not matter. Excuse me for saying this, but you are beautiful, caring, loving, you love teaching what you know to other people, you help other people even when you're tried, you are courageous and you give everything you have. I am going to tell you something that I always say: "Beauty isn't important, what matters is the heart of the person. The heart tells the truth about the person." You, Juanita, you have everything, beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside. Grant won the lottery with you.

I'd give anything to find the love of my life like you have. I think if I ever find her, I'll be the richest emigrant in the whole world. but at the time we're in is very difficult, but I'm going to look to give her my whole heart, my love and everything I am. But, please, Juanita, don't say that you are old, OK, because if I hear you saying that you are old, I am going to get mad at you!

You said you sent me a birthday card. Thanks so much. It makes me very happy to receive mail from you, I really get emotional whenever I get anything from you. Hello to Ezra, Grant, Alex, Izzy. Take care, kisses,


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