• Jane Juffer

May 10, 2020

Updated: May 14, 2020

May 10

I am very worried because one of the woman here went to her court date yesterday, and said she was scared of getting sick, and the judge told her that they had already tested all of us for the coronavirus. We think there is someone here who has all the symptoms. We asked ourselves, why would the judge say this? No one has given us any test or physical examination. I’m worried because I don’t want to get sick here, inside, and I am really afraid of becoming contagious. So far, I have only had a sore throat and a little trouble breathing, as have some of my friends. We have noticed that our breathing gets worse when we got to bed at night. I’m very frightened.

Do you know what else? One day this week, they gave us some salsa, with some little meatballs and some oranges, and we made a delicious soup. We added some nachos that we bought in commissary. I gave thanks to God because you gave me enough money to buy some extra food from commissary, and I could then share the food with my friends. One day, Juanita, I am going to make you a chicken soup with vegetables and the flavor will be super delicious! Thanks to you, I am not alone.

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