• Jane Juffer

Memories of home

February 11


Tell me what you have been doing in these past few days. How was your weekend? What did you do? Tell me that perhaps you went to a disco with your husband, or out for a romantic dinner. Or maybe you went out with friends.

Do you know what? I really miss the weekends because I would often cook a big lunch for my nephews and nieces and my sister and mother. Sometimes, others of my brothers and sisters would come as well. We would eat pupusas, which are my favorite. Sometimes I would take them along to the football games so I could watch all my nephews and brothers play. Eduardo is a forward on one team, and on another team Jose plays defender. Alejandro is a midfielder, and Bryan is midfielder on another team. My brothers Guillermo and Pablo are forwards. Everyone plays on different teams, so we can spend all day Sunday watching football.

The last time I spoke with Eduardo, he said to me, Auntie, I have something to tell you that is going to make you happy. And I said, well, tell me then. He told me that he was going to play with a national team that would make me very proud, and I congratulated him, and said next, you are going to go to the Premier League to become the best player and goal scorer ever! When you do, remember that you will always be in my heart because probably I won't be here to see you or hug you or eat together, nephew and aunt. In 2017, I was with him when he received first place in goal scoring in the league.

I really love football, and my whole family likes different teams. My team is Real Madrid, but I also like other teams, like Paris Saint Germain, Manchester, Arsenal, and more. Three of my brothers like Barcelona. It's fun because when we get together to watch a game, I wear my Real Madrid shirt and we even have fireworks. When Real Madrid scores a goal, I light the fireworks, and then from down the street, I can hear my friends also setting off their fireworks, and my sisters also.

All these things I used to do.

You know, my mother is going to have a birthday this Monday, and this is the second year in a row that I will be locked up on her birthday, without being able to make her a little lunch and give her a present. But at least God has given me my health, and for that I am grateful.

Until soon, God willing.

Good health to your family.

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