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Note from Jane: In this letter, Ingrid describes a frightening fight at the jail, and a call from her lawyer's assistant in which she asks her lawyer to get her out of the jail. This was the first time Ingrid's lawyer had contacted her since they arrived at Troy almost a month ago.

January 5, 2021

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I miss you so much, Juanita, and I miss seeing you on the camera. I miss my family so much. I am here, writing you, sitting on my bed, with my feet crossed, listening to music on the radio and looking at the photos of my beautiful family and the Christmas cards you sent. I'm eating a Snickers chocolate bar. I love chocolate! Thanks to you, Juanita, I can buy chooclate. Mmmm! Thanks so much.

We are kept in our locked cells from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. I'll explain a bit more, OK. In the mornings, they open the door at 8:30 am. Breakfast comes at 9 a.m. At 12 noon, they bring lunch, and at 2:30, they lock us in our cells again, until 4 p.m. Dinner comes at 5 p.m. We can ask for the tablets at 9 a.m. and (if we get one), have to return them at 2 p.m. Then sometimes we can get them back at 5 p.m., and return them again at 9:45 or 10 pm. At 10:30, we go to our cells to sleep, and I start writing, looking at the photos, listening to music. There's a station that I love because they play romantic music in English. They play all the songs I like from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, all the songs of love, like Hotel California, titanic, Bon Jovi. Now I'm taking advantage of the time I have to listen to all this music! It makes me very emotional when I hear this romantic music. Sometimes they even play the music of Farruko. "Don't let go, and I go crazy. I love the music of Farruko. Sometimes I even start dancing, and the officials laugh at me. Music is my distraction, what I can do in this time that God wants me to be in this place. I only ask him to very soon give me my liberty.

Today, the aide of my lawyer Hollis called me and asked me if I had any questions for Hollis. Yes, I told her, I have many questions for Hollis! First, I want to know when we are returning to Batavia. Also, has she heard anything about my case? She told me no, that I have to wait until the decision arrives, and I said OK, but I want to leave this place. A few days ago, some prisoners hit each other. I watched blood fly everywhere--on the floor to the wall, on the phones and on the chairs. I was paralyzed, I started crying and I couldn't walk. Xiomara grabbed my left arm and got me into my room. I felt sick. I want you to get me out of this place.

I'm happy that we were able to talk today. I like telling you what I did during the day, and I like knowing a little about what you did. Thank you so much for the work you and your students are doing for me!



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