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More threats from guards for not working

notes from Jane: There are frequent disagreements among the women who are detained about who has access to the tablets, and, as Elisabeth describes here, the guards often favor those who speak English. Tablets are so important because they are really the only way to communicate with the outside world. Family and friends are not allowed to call into the center to talk to someone, and calls going out are very expensive. Guards also threaten Elisabeth that if she does not work, she will not have access to the tablet--a clear violation of the "voluntary" nature of the work program. Guards also harass the Spanish-speaking women by changing the channels on the one television where they are allowed to watch Spanish-language programs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The official Stenhorn arrived at 7:45 a.m. and made her announcements, as always when there is a shift change. She said the tablets were only going to be available for those who were working. I asked for a tablet, and she said no, because I wasn't doing work, and everyone laughed at me because the official would not give me a tablet. I am also very afraid of one of the woman, who sometimes grabs the tablet away from me and yells at me in English, using very ugly words and an angry tone. Then she started to talk in English to the guard Holata, pointing to my room.

There are two televisions--the television that is close to the entrance is for Spanish and the other one, in front of the official, is for English. The guard is the only one who can change the channels. This day, Stenhorn changed our television to English. We asked her, please change the channel to 63, which is in Spanish, but she told us to move, that she wanted to watch this television in English.


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