• Jane Juffer

Crowded conditions under covid

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

April 20, 2020

Hi, my friend. I hope this letter finds you healthy and at the side of your beautiful family.

I feel confident telling everything that is happening here. They moved us into unit two where we have no privacy. What i don't like is that we have more than 35 women and only six telephones, five tablets, two bathrooms below and two bathrooms above. Only four bathrooms for all these women. All the women fight for the tablets. Sometimes, when I get one, and I am messaging with you, someone grabs it away. I try to defend myself, but the official always gives priority to the ones who speak English and discriminate against those of us who don't. Sometimes, I just can't keep quiet, and I speak angrily, saying that just because we don't speak English, you can't discriminate against us. The officials just laugh at me.

Well, I've told you what is happening here. I hope it didn't bore you! My best wishes to your family. Much love, Elisabeth

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