• Jane Juffer

The guard Frank

November 10, 2020

Hola! I hope this letter finds you well. Forgive me for always recounting my problems, but you are my friend. Only with you can I unburden myself. I can't with my mother because she would worry too much.

Today, Xiomara and I started to do our exercises, but we had problems with Shantal because she doesn't like it when we use the machines. She began to say things like "fok you bish." I'm sorry, I don't know how to write it. We didn't understand why she was so mad.

At 8 a.m., the official Frank came on duty. He is here until 4 p.m. We saw Shantal go and talk to Frank, moving her hand and pointing at us. Frank moved so he could see us and said "yes." Shantal then went and talked to her friend, who started to laugh. Xiomara and I finished our exercises and went to make our coffee. Frank was talking a lot in English with Abigail, and he looked really bothered. We just understood him to be talking about exercises and the TV.

Later, when we asked to watch channel 63, the only channel in Spanish, Frank said no, we are not going to change the channel. He left it on a cooking show, and he would not change the other tv to Spanish either. Xiomara asked him politely: this TV is supposed to be for Spanish, but he said no, we are not going to change it. Shantal and Abigail were just laughing at us, and Abigail said we were acting like children. I said, we have the right to watch television because we work and because this TV is for Spanish, and if not, we are not going to work. Abigail just laughed, and said you just talk.

Around 2:30, I went to my bed, and Frank said to me "Silencio," and I said, what did I do, and he told me another time "silencio." The tablet was in Xiomara's room, playing music, and I said, "officer, the TVs are in English, at least let us listen to music. " Then he slammed his hand down on the table where he was seated and swore, "Mierda." I went to Xiomara, very nervous. I cannot take this stress any more, how Frank looks at us. When we are happily listening to music, he turns up the volume on the television.

Well, I've told you enough about this day. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Frank leaves at 4.

Thank you for reading my letters. I hope you know how much I care for you, my good friends. Hugs and kisses, Chao!

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